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How You Can Help Fight Weight Discrimination

The Council's goal is to end weight discrimination in health care, media, education, employment, social interactions, and many other areas of life. We work to make the world better for people of all sizes. If you agree with our goals and want to be part of the effort, here's what you can do.

Free yourself from weight obsession. Political action starts with personal self-liberation. Use books, support groups, size-friendly counselors, and other resources (see our Resource List) to overcome the negative body image you were probably brought up with--no matter what your size!

Learn about the issues. Find out what the Council and other groups and individuals have done and are doing in the fields of weight discrimination, eating disorders, body image issues, etc. The Council publishes bibliographies, including several available on this website.

Become an educated consumer. Learn to look at media and advertising images with a critical eye (See the Council's Media Project and Kids Come In All Sizes Project). Don't let yourself be duped by diet scams. Think critically about any program that seems too good to be trueit probably is. Make sure your health care professionals are competent and unbiased, and discuss with them the safety and effectiveness of any weight-loss drug or program you might be considering. Read the Council's Medical Advocacy Project information to learn more.

Interrupt sizism. Notice when something you see or hear is discriminatory against larger-than-average people. Don't laugh at "fat jokes". Interrupt sizism or weight discrimination when it is possible by pointing it out and expressing your opinion that it is wrong. If you see important news items both positive and negative in the media, we would be grateful if you would mail them to us (CSWD POB 205, Mt Marion, NY 12456).

Support the Council's work with a donation. The Council on Size & Weight Discrimination gets a tremendous amount accomplished on very little money. Essentially, we operate on a shoestring. All of our project directors and project managers work without pay, because they all believe in the importance of the work. But it still costs money to run an organizationattending and testifying at medical research conferences, printing newsletters, responding to requests for information, etc. And there are many important activities that we have to forego because the funding is not available to us.

So we must ask you, our supporters, to help us with the costs of working towards our goal of ending weight discrimination. If you believe in our work, we ask you to write us a check or make a donation onlineeven a few dollarsto help us out. If you are able to give us a larger donation, we will be able to expand our activities, and reach even more decision-makers in the areas of health, medicine, media, law, and civil rights.

The Council has been quoted in the New York Times, Business Week, the New England Journal of Medicine, and countless books and periodicals. We are on the front lines, doing the work that must be done to end weight discrimination. We utilize volunteer energy wherever possible, and we keep our administrative costs very low, so your donation to the Council will go a long way.

You can send your checks to CSWD, POB 305, Mt. Marion, NY 12456.

Donate on line using a credit card. You can help make the world a better place for people of all sizes by making a donation through Paypal. If you are not a member, you can sign up at no cost when you donate. Your safety, privacy, and confidentiality are totally assured. Please support our work and be as generous as you can.

Click this button to donate through PayPal.

Letter Writing

Shop on line to support the Council

Many online merchants will donate a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choice through igive.com. You can donate a percentage of your shopping dollar to the Council on size & Weight Discrimination while you shop online at any of over 200 merchants including Barnes and Noble, JC Penney, Land's End, and others.

How to shop on line to support the Council:

Go to the website www.igive.com
Sign up (at no cost)
Specify that you want your donation to go to Council on Size & Weight Discrimination, Inc.
Go to the online shopping mall and choose from over 200 online merchants.
A percentage of your purchases will be donated to the Council.
Thank you in advance for shopping for the Council.

Click here to shop for the Council: www.igive.com